Who is Nathan Wendt?

20131029_083637_2Hi, my name is Nathan Wendt. I am currently a meteorologist working in the Science Support Branch of the Storm Prediction Center (SPC). I received my MS in Atmospheric Science from the University of Illinois (2015) and my BS in Atmospheric Science from the University of Kansas (2013). Other than academic life, I enjoy spending time with my wife, two children, and two cats. In my free time I enjoy lifting heavy things as a member of a local Crossfit gym.

My primary areas of interest are severe convection, numerical modeling, and operational forecasting. However, my skill set is much more broad than just meteorology. I have an extensive computer programming background and have done a great deal of work on high performance computing clusters. Learning new programming skills, developing useful software, and answering science questions with computers (efficiently!) are all things I like spending some time on.