gribr now on conda-forge

gribr is now on conda-forge which will make installation much easier. With conda, you also have the added benefit being able to have separate environments to work in as well. Some users may have had a hard time building from source with complex build environments, particularly on HPC clusters. You can install it using:

conda install -c conda-forge r-gribr

ESMPy Parallel Regrid Using MPI

As part of my ESMPy tutorial on GitHub (find it here) I have added an example script that will show how you can regrid a field in parallel and aggregate all the grid pieces after the regrid is complete. I have experienced very good speedup running the ESMF library in parallel. This is definitely useful for large grids. ESMPy already abstracts most of the MPI functions so that the user does not have to worry about them, but, with this example, it will be even easier to understand the process.

gribr 1.2.0 Released

gribr has been updated to version 1.2.0. The biggest change is a move to using ecCodes exclusively as the underlying GRIB interface. This move was done to align with the ECMWF and their commitment to only developing the GRIB API within ecCodes and not as a separate library. All in all, this should make gribr more future-proof and reduce development workload. A few bugs were also fixed with this release. You can get the package here.

gribr R package

Given the amount of work I have done in R over the years, I finally got around to putting some work into building an R package. The result is the gribr R package for reading GRIB 1/2 data via the ECMWF GRIB API. I got to brush up on my C skills as well as learn a great deal about the internals of R. You can take a look at or install the package from its github repository here.