ESMPy Parallel Regrid Using MPI

As part of my ESMPy tutorial on GitHub (find it here) I have added an example script that will show how you can regrid a field in parallel and aggregate all the grid pieces after the regrid is complete. I have experienced very good speedup running the ESMF library in parallel. This is definitely useful for large grids. ESMPy already abstracts most of the MPI functions so that the user does not have to worry about them, but, with this example, it will be even easier to understand the process.

New Example for ESMPy Tutorial

I have added an example to show how to use the conservative gridding method when regridding from one Grid object to another. This was in response to a user request. If you have other examples you would like to see, I will see what I can do to get them added to the tutorial.

Cartopy Tutorial

As development on the Python basemap packages continues to slow, the time came for me to get familiar with what looks to be its replacement, the cartopy package. As I have done before, I put together a Jupyter notebook going through the process working with real data using cartopy. The tutorial is available on GitHub here. Enjoy.

ESMPy Tutorial

Lately I have been using a software package called ESMPy to interpolate weather data on one grid to another. There is a learning curve with this software and things are not as Pythonic as one might hope. The C backbone tends to show through in the syntax a bit. Overall, though, it is a nice tool and is less clunky than GEMPAK. Luckily for you I have put together a ESMPy tutorial in a Jupyter notebook. Come and see it on github.