gribr R package

Given the amount of work I have done in R over the years, I finally got around to putting some work into building an R package. The result is the gribr R package for reading GRIB 1/2 data via the ECMWF GRIB API. I got to brush up on my C skills as well as learn a great deal about the internals of R. You can take a look at or install the package from its github repository here.

2 thoughts on “gribr R package

  1. Thanks for this package!
    Could you provide us with a few examples to understand how to use it?
    You mention on the GitHub page that it does not work for Windows users, would you plan to include Windows in a near future?

    • Certainly. I have wanted to create some good examples, but have been busy. Are there things in particular you are interested in seeing? As far as Windows goes, yes, I do want to get gribr to work on that platform. Unfortunately, I spent a few weeks trying to get the GRIB API libraries to build on Windows and work with R without success. I still have every intention of making it available on Windows as long as I can figure out the GRIB API situation. I will definitely be spending some time on it.

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