WRF Hacks

Below are a few write-ups of useful WRF hacks that I have used in school and work. The goal of these documents is to provide useful information in an, I believe, more accessible form than other places—if such information is even available! Don’t hesitate to contact me with questions. I may or may not be able to answer, but, if nothing else, it will give me important feedback to make these instructions more useful in the future.

Available hacks:

Add custom initialization module
Dumping WRF input/output files into specified directories
Add custom diagnostic variables via module

A WORD OF CAUTION: With each successive change in the WRF model, some of these methods may not work directly. One may have to “follow the bouncing ball” of WRF error messages to see what additional steps need to be taken. I will attempt to point out cases in which this is true, though it will not be exhaustive.